Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting

Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting

Imagine this. You’ve just spent $10 000 on a Facebook marketing campaign for a big client. The reach figures are amazing, you’ve racked up a boat load of clicks to the landing page, and your targeting was spot on.

Then your client asks the all important question. How many sales did we make from this campaign?

You add the conversion column to the report, and a heavy feeling washes over you.

The $10 000 dollars that you spent has only generated $4329 worth of sales. The client has lost money on this campaign, and you are now in the firing line. Where did it all go wrong?

The Real Reason Facebook Ads Fail

The real reason so many Facebook ad campaigns fail is because the individuals responsible for the campaign haven’t setup an efficient sales funnel. An efficient funnel will lead the prospect through each phase of the buying journey (awareness, interest, desire, action) rather than trying to force your target customer to pay before they are ready to do so.

So what does this actually mean?

In essence, there is only one approach that really works if you want to drastically improve your conversion rate. I’m going to outline this approach using steps, to help drive the message home.

Step 1: Stop pretending that everyone you target is ready to purchase your product, and stop pretending that your sales page has a higher conversion rate than it actually does.

Step 2: Start sending your prospects to an email opt-in page, where they can receive something valuable (like a free guide, cheat sheet or video series) in exchange for their email address.

Step 3: Initiate a series of emails that builds your credibility, and clearly demonstrates that you (or your product) is capable of solving the problem that your customer has.

In other words, the primary goal of your Facebook campaigns should be leads rather than sales.

Once you start focusing on building leads (rather than forcing sales) your conversion rate will increase and you will better serve your customers. Provided you have a strong lead follow up mechanism in place, this will ultimately generate far more sales in the mid and long term. 


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