How To Setup Facebook Analytics on Your WordPress Website

Setting up Facebook Analytics is very similar to setting up Google Analytics. This post will show you the simplest way to setup Facebook analytics for your WordPress site. In reality, the most basic Facebook Analytics setup only requires two primary steps.

Part 1: Create your Facebook Pixel

Part 2: Add the Facebook Pixel to the header of your website.

I will now unpack this process step by step.


Part 1 – Create Your Facebook Pixel

Step 1: Login to FB Business Manager and click on the ‘Pixels’ link in the main navigation menu

Step 2: Click on the ‘Create a Pixel’ button

Step 3: Name Your Pixel

Step 4: Select ‘Manual Installation’

Step 5: Copy the pixel code to clipboard and turn on advanced matching.

It may be helpful to paste the pixel code to Notepad or a code editor so we can turn our attention to part 2.


Part 2 – Add the Facebook Pixel to the Header of Your Website


Step 1: Login to your WordPress site and click on Plugins


Step 2: Search for ‘Insert Headers & Footers’. Install and activate the Insert Headers and Footers Plugin.


Step 3: Go to your Dashboard and click on ‘Settings > Insert Headers & Footers’.


Step 4: Insert Your Facebook Pixel code in the ‘Scripts in Header’ section and click Save


Step 5: Go Back to Your Facebook Pixel and Send Test Traffic To Your Site


Step 6: Visit and login


Step 7: Locate the Pixels section and click on the Pixel that you just created


Step 8: You now have access to Facebook Analytics on your WordPress Website 😀


Final Thoughts

It will take about 24 hours for the data to start pulling through.

In addition, there are a bunch of options like Journeys, Funnels and Events that require further setup instructions.

The goal of this post was simply to get you up and running with Facebook Analytics on your WordPress website. I will create guides on more advanced sections like Funnels and Events in future.

If you run into any issues when replicating this setup on your website, leave me a comment and I will happily offer my opinion on what you can do to fix it.



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