How To Exclude People That Have Already Seen Your Facebook Ads

How To Exclude People That Have Already Seen Your Facebook Ads

Sometimes you want to prevent your ad from reaching people that have already been exposed to your Facebook Ads. You will be glad to know that this is actually quite easy to do. Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Login to Facebook Business Manager and Click on the Audiences Tab


Step 2: Click on the ‘Create Audience’ dropdown and select ‘Custom Audience’


Step 3: Choose the engagement option

Step 4: Select the Facebook Page Option

Step 5: Click on ‘Everyone who engaged with your Page’ dropdown and select ‘People who engaged with any post or ad’.


Step 6: Name Your Audience and click the ‘Create Audience’ button

That’s it. You’ve just created an audience made up of people that have engaged with any of your posts or ads. You can change time period to suit your needs.

Bonus Tip 1: If you want to exclude people that have engaged with one of your video ads, you will need to select ‘Video’ rather than ‘Facebook Page’ during Step 4.

Bonus Tip 2: It is a good idea to build an audience exclusion list like this at least 1 day before you actually need to use it. Facebook needs time to populate the audience, so this is a best practice if you want start excluding people from the moment the new campaign goes live.

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